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♥ The Journey of My Life ♥
Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some people are just soo... annoying..... sometimes...
YES indeed i promised to contact/find you the following day...
But the day hasn't even end and you already make such a fuss bout me not finding you..
Come on la.. you aren't my mother... you ain't my boyfriend... you ain't a GIRL!
So dont act like one... now is only 4 something Aussie time = 2something KL time... not even half day yet and u accused me for breaking the promise.. wth!

No doubt im grateful that you are there for me when im bored or sad... but sometimes... this is too much... it's not like i owe you or what... i dont just sit in front of my phone and text you every single sec! not to mention u always make a fuss of late replying.. dude come on la! dont expect me to reply one sec after receiving you msg!
Friday, July 22, 2011

is it wrong to be weak?

given the opportunity to study oversea for a year and half... am i not suppose to be homesick? am i not suppose to miss my family and friends? am i suppose to be tough.. to act tough in front of u...

can't i be dependent despite being away from my country?

u travel alone for couple days and i have to study here for almost 2 years is totally different... you can't use this situation to compare... after 10 days u can go back and be with family and friends while i still have to struggle for 2 yrs.. both our mind are different...

yes i know u alone travel and sees couples around has no impact to u..
but doesn't mean i have to feel the same... after all im a girl with emotion....
or perhaps just meant ur feeling aren't tat strong...

nevertheless today onwards, i promise myself I WILL NEVER COMPLAIN WHATSOEVER TO U AGAIN REGARDS ME BEING LONELY AND ALL SORTS. happy?!!! This is wat u want isn't it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sometimes i wonder....
what does the word F-R-I-E-N-D means..?
to please a person so ur friendship last longer?
to use them for your own good?
to find only when u need them?


someone who'll be there when u needed the most?
someone to share ur ups and downs?
someone to share ur secrets with?

my dear friends... which category are you guys in?

As I venture into new world new place.... my friendship seem to be far apart..
Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sometimes... no.. most of the time i felt im an outcast... whether im with a group of friends or just housemates or with brother..

they are always in a pair.. and im the odd one.. to book movies, trips or whatever..
sometimes i wonder would it be better if i din come aussie to study?
it's not how i imagine to be... im always alone.. walks alone.. eat alone.. shop alone.. talk alone..
Saturday, July 9, 2011

is it wrong to miss home?

is it wrong to de dependent?

is it wrong to miss someone?

if i am to seriously enjoy my life here.... to have fun as if there's no tomolo... is this the right thing?
Saturday, July 2, 2011

July the month i hate the most for 2011....

For starter... i was fired from my 3 days part time waitress work claiming my performance isn't up to standard.. wth... i just started, i didn't even make any mistake or break anything and ur pay was soooooo freaking low and now u say my performance not up to ur standard.. FINE.. i dont wanna work there either... work like a cow with such low pay...

Reason im angry... this is the first time in my life i got fired.. FIRST TIME... sigh..

and to make things worse... i just received my result today.. guess wat? i barely pass with credit... T_T.. 2 subjects with distinction and other 2 with credit.. i'm aware my marks will be quite low due to certain error... but barely pass.... and by comparing my friend's result makes me even hard to accept the fact... her project was all last minute, workbook all in a mess... projects not up to professional standard yet she got similar result as me.. if tat's so what's de point of me putting so many effort when in the end i got C... seriously hard to accept the fact..
Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why is it so hard to maintain one friendship? Is it my fault?
Sometimes some ppl are hard to understand..
seems like whatever i do is wrong..
u sick, i asked a day late( as i just found out) and u get all cranky over this issue..
come on la.. you ain't my only friend.. cant expect me to stalk your fb every single min to get your update..

it's not like I din't care.. i did asked about ur condition didn't i? and here u goes.. saying im giving all excuses for being late to concern.... =.=''

Plus you're a guy.. dont be like a girl pls....